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Classes We Offer

Our studio offers a large variety of classes for all skill levels. Our experienced instructors are passionate about helping each student achieve their highest potential within a fun and positive atmosphere. Dancers typically enter into study at the introductory level. Instructors evaluate each student's development and provide guided placement throughout their years of study, paying close attention to muscle control and body alignment as an indicator of the proper instructional level needed. Students in musical and visual arts are given individual consideration for levels and instructional endeavors.


Introductory Dance

Led by a dedicated team of instructors, introductory classes provide an overview of various dance styles to allow students the opportunity to gain a broad understanding of the variances of dance. Upon entering study, students will progress through several years of combination style classes to allow for exploration.  Presented in a fun, energetic manner, these classes expose students to all the excitement dance can provide. From toddler boogie and creative movement to ballet/tap and ballet/tap/jazz combination classes, students learn to love dance!


Intermediate Dance

Students are moved to the intermediate level classes after careful evaluation from our experienced staff.  Classes at this level begin a more formal study of dance in each specific dance style: ballet, jazz, tap, and lyrical. These levels are assigned based on each dancer's individual body readiness.


Advanced Dance

Our advanced classes are centered on a deep belief that students need a strong grounding in technique, strength, and flexibility in order to reach their highest potential.  Our experienced staff works to develop each dancers' own body awareness so that they can gain the most out of each class, rehearsal, and performance. Exercises in both strength and flexibility are a central focus in all classes while performance skills are also being developed. Students are encouraged to develop their own creative ambitions through improvisational skills and choreographic study within the various styles of dance.  Placement in advanced levels is strictly based on instructor recommendation. An internship for students interested in future college dance education study is also provided for students who have proven skill and devotion.


Vocal and Music Performance

Megan Jensen Music Studio is located inside Palmetto Dance Academy and provides exceptional learning opportunities for students in vocal and music arts.  Studies of vocal performance, piano theory and performance, guitar, and ukulele provide opportunities for a well-rounded performing arts education.


Visual Art

Visual Art classes provide students with the creative lessons in a wide variety of mediums including acrylics, ink, chalks, and more. Through individual and group classes, students find confidence in creating works of art worthy of display on any gallery wall.


Dancin’ Hugs

Dancin' Hugs is a program specifically developed for dancers with special needs. Created in memory of our angel dancer, LeaGrace Rauton, the Dancin' Hugs program seeks to continue to spread LG's excitement and love for the art form through integrative dance opportunities for students with various abilities.

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